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First Impressions Hair and Skin Team Celebrates 20 Years


For 20 years First Impressions has been providing high quality hair and skin services and products for you; our very valued customer.

First Impressions Hair and Skin Team has always made sure we give you a very clean, friendly environment, staffed with knowledgeable professionals to help you look and feel your best.
Image crafting is something we care highly about and we listen closely to your needs and desires in our consultation so that we can create the look that will help you look great.
We have always been concerned about the quality of product used, the way it has been formulated, the way the ingredients have been sourced. With this in mind, we have always used the Aveda line. We became a concept salon in 1997.
This has meant that we were dedicated to one product line that not only cares for what you put on your body but how the company takes care of the world around us.
Aveda is that product and that is why we chose it. We also care what we put on your hair and body. Something that is safe for you and your family .
Something that is safe for our staff. The products used in the salon are not only giving us the great aroma but they are gentle on our stylist and technicians skin also.
Wow! 20 years! It seems like yesterday. We graciously thank all of our service providers for helping us create what we have today. Not all of our staff are originals from day one but they have all helped us in our journey. Providing great service for you.
For the most part, we have always wanted to give back to our community. Thank you for being our guest and utilizing our company. We always wanted to giveback!
First Impressions Hair and Skin has always been a great believer on giving back. Collectively we have had great success in giving back. We have had great pleasure in helping out with the Kidney Foundation, Movement foundation, St. Amant Center, Children with Autism, Missing Pieces, and Walk for Water, Watercan to say the least. It was with great pleasure to help out these foundations.
Our New Talents:
With each individual we had help them build their strengths and clients to become successful in their field. My greatest pleasure was to see a young, new apprentice become a successful stylist. In no time at all, they also could buy that new car, that new house or whatever their goal may have been.
My most valued apprentice, of course has to be my daughter Jen at the age of 12. At a young age she wanted to be a stylist. She began from ground zero. Doing towels, sweeping and just making sure the environment was clean and fresh. Many of our guest know her and also appreciate her talents. They have watched her grow into a very successful stylist also.
To my husband who has been there to help with many, many situations from management, maintaining, rebuilding, redesigning and right down to the emergency situations that came about in our day.
As I mentioned previously, the Apprentices, a.k.a New Talent.  Most have been young ladies but we have had a few young men in the mix along the way. They are all such a high value to the salon. Not only do they bring their fresh new ideas but enthusiasm to succeed.
Thank you to my Mother for always being a model for our new apprentices. She always sat patiently and enjoy every stylist. Even if they took a long time.
Some of the ladies had been previous customers in our salon as they were in local high schools. Their families were guests of the salon for years, and then they found it fit to also become part of the team. Truly a treasured feeling for me since they were guests in our salon a very young people. What a feeling of gratitude that they felt they would like to work for First Impressions.
The Team today really care for each other and want to make sure we all succeed.
To be a great Team we all need to be great.
The Team of First Impressions take great care and kindness to help make a new talent welcome and enjoy sharing their knowledge with them.
So here we are 20 years later, I would like to take this time to thank you… Our very values guests of First Impressions.
With out you we would not exist.
Thank you to all of you who have been with us since day 1!
You know how you are. I thank you all!
Their are so many I cannot list you all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have enjoyed many great times with each of you and I thank You for bringing your families in also to receive a new style.
We are working on our 3 rd generations of families in our salon. I know we are working towards our 4 th generation customers since we ( my own family ) are a 4 th generation family ourself. We look forward to many more years.
Thank you so much for sharing all of these years!
You’re the best!

Looking forward to many more!
Gwen & Bernie Voroney & Jen Joyal

Congradulations Jessica and Dusti


Congratulations Jessica and Dusti from graduating from the Aveda Institute and welcome to the First Impressions Team!!Dusti and Jessica's Grad! g1 g2 g3 g4 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


New Service! Eyelash Extensions


Dreamlash is a premium eyelash extension. Individual synthetic lashes are adhered to your natural lashes one by one. This relaxing procedure, applied by Jen or Sandy T., takes about an hour. Throw away your lash curler and mascara because you won’t need them anymore, Dreamlashes are always curled, black and water resistant! Results are so natural looking that no one can tell, even up close that you have lash extensions.

Walk for Water 2014


There are still a billion people without access to clean water or sanitation facilities. These people need our help. With our CONTINUED support we will continue to make a world of difference.

Join us at the Aveda Institute on April 22, 2014 as First Impressions Walks for Water!

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