The Smooth Infusion retexturizing system is a whole new way to retexturize hair. 

Our services include three techniques that gives guests more options than traditional straightening approaches. It gives guests smooth, frizzless hair that can range from stick-straight to softened curls.

Choose from three basic textures: 1) straight, 2) controlled body (smooth hair with volume), or 3) controlled curl (reforming the curl pattern).

  • Results are permanent, not temporary
  • A minimum of 74% naturally derived ingredients include plant oils that condition hair.
  • Organic ylang ylang aroma helps eliminate any unpleasant post-service odor.
  • The system can be used to retexturize color-treated, highlighted and chemically processed hair- except hair that has previously been treated with sodium hydroxide relaxer.

Price varies depending on desired result and hair type/condition.

Free consultation required for exact pricing.