At First Impressions we are passionate beauty professionals. We take pride in in our mission of making a difference by helping each individual on their quest to find their true beauty image, not only on the outside but also within. Our clients represent men and women of all ages, who know that whether they are a business professional needing a precision haircut, a bride wanting to look her best on her big day, or a trend setter who desires the absolute latest look, our staff is going to pay close attention to their needs and meets their expectations every time.

Our customers know we care about them and how they look.

Our Values

  • Individuality
  • Unity / Team Spirit
  • Creativity

Our Vision is CLEAN!

  • Clients – Create signature looks for each individual
  • Leadership – Stay focused on our pursuit to develop new talented stylists
  • Education – Continue to grow in passion and in life
  • Associates – Provide a happy and helpful workplace=
  • Nature – Always give back to the earth by being environmentally responsible

Our Products

Aveda products are pesticide-free, petrochemical free, organically grown, never tested on animals, and use 100% pure plant and flower essences. We are happy to support a company whose vision so closely aligns with our own. Aveda sources ingredients from around the world in a sustainable way. They provide fair trade for indigenous people who are then able to feed, shelter, and educate their families. The company seeks to reduce energy and water used in the production of its products, using 100% wind energy and recycled glass and plastic packaging, which is again recyclable.

We are proud to stand up for products that are excellent for you and for the world around us.